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Galaxy Pro B7510

Galaxy Pro B7510

Usually to unroot the gadgets one has to refocus the inventory firmware upgrade, but if you are having New samsung Universe Pro B7510 operated with Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware and you have rooted… the same then you can just unroot without implementing the firmware upgrade again. In the due course of this content we will be verifying about the brief guide on how to unroot your New samsung Universe Pro B7510 system.

For all those who have modified your New samsung Universe Pro B7510… system with the newest Gingerbread 2.3.6 firmware, there is a very good information for all you people as in the due course of this content we will examine out on how to main the cellphone. Cheering will allow you to not only set up the customized ROM firmwares but also allows you to set up the applications which need the main accessibility.

The come for New samsung Universe Pro B7510… customers to jiggle up their fleshlight sleeves and take out their mobile cellphone devices as in the due course of this content we will be looking at on how you can upgrade your cellphone with the much anticipated Gingerbread 2.3.6 firmware. Please observe that this is not an Formal firmware launched by New samsung Gadgets and also we also have no information on by when this firmware will be encouraged basically.

If you are looking for some excellent center end mobile phone gadgets that will help you keep in touch and if you’re a person who types a lot, you absolutely should consider Operating system gadgets with QWERTY Controls on them. The Universe Pro sequence from New samsung have made excellent sales while the Samsung Fire sequence has a couple of mobile phone gadgets on them too.…

To savor all the functions of New samsung Universe Pro B7510 cellphone consistently, one has to provide an prolonged power supply as a extra power supply. Only then you can accessibility all the functions of your cellphone without any disruption. So, for all those who purchased this cellphone, we are offering information of some of the best prolonged battery power that meets completely for your cellular.…

New samsung Universe Pro B7510 cellular phones has an eye-catching display program and most of the customers purchased this cellphone up on looking at the elegance if the display. If you really want to savor the great thing about this display then all you have to do is, buy a best display defend. Yes, display defend will secure defend your mobile’s display against any loss and keep the look of your cellular as a new one.…

Most of the cellular customers purchased New samsung Universe Pro B7510 cellular phones as soon as it launched. But, everyone isn't able to secure their cellphone against loss and as result the cellphone will drop all its elegance very soon. If you provide a appropriate security for your cellular phones at the early levels, then it will look like a new cellphone permanently.…

Mid end Operating system phones… are promoting very well throughout the world. With Operating system finding up with lots of applications and other functions, the center funds customer is looking for mobile phone devices which execute well overall. Universe Ace is a nice entertainer and drops under the center section of Operating system mobile phone devices with the Universe Pro, almost identical in specialized requirements but also with a QWERTY key pad making the deal even better.

Operating system mobile cellphone devices have a lot of functions and for anyone used to the QWERTY structure, then you have an choice too. Universe Pro from New samsung is a very excellent cellphone which we are evaluating with the Universe S, which is the Extremely LCD Edition of the New samsung Universe S. Take a look:

For all those out there in Japan who own a New samsung Universe Pro B7510 mobile phone welcome on panel at Androidadvices as we will also now offer the full dental protection plans on all the newest firmware produces, as this will be the first upgrade for all Oriental New samsung Universe Pro B7510 mobile phone devices. If you are a starter then we would like post that since Android… is an Free foundation, the up-dates are obvious and most of the up-dates gets released complimentary several other boards.

If you have lately purchased the latest SAMSUNG Galaxy… Pro cell cellphone then we will see on how you can update to the latest firmware of Os 2.2.2 version from the provide version of either 2.2.1 or even 2.2 Froyo version. There are many add-ons which have been offered in this update of Froyo 2.2.2 version which we will see in the due course of this articles.

Congratulations! for all those who have bought the newest Operating system mobile cellphone known as New samsung Universe Pro… as this mobile cellphone is not only among the ones which comes at an cost-effective intelligent cost but also comes along with many functions which are value intelligent and well said by someone about this cellphone “future beyond”.

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Samsung Galaxy Beam projector phone in spotlight at Mobile World Congress

 New samsung, the biggest mobile cellphone manufacturer, has revealed a mobile phone that increases as a wallet house theatre, as the South Japanese team conditions to join 1,400 participants in a battle for attention at the biggest cellular display, Mobile Community The legislature (MWC), in Spain's capital.

Around 60,000 associates coming in Spain's second city to example the latest in mobile processing – at the display which starts on Wednesday – were welcomed at the airport by marketers hidden as Android's green bug company logo, while at the reasonable New samsung presented the Universe Stream, which as well as creating calls can venture pictures directly onto surfaces, roofs or any other flat working surface.

Video segments, charts, photographs and games can be shown in what the organization statements are "crisp, high-definition images" shiny enough to be seen outdoors.

The cellphone, which operates on Google Os operating system, is a standard size: 12.5mm wide and 4in wide, but strong backlighting allows it to venture pictures up to 50in across.

"With the Universe Stream, individuals can discuss articles from their mobile cellphone with individuals around them, using it like a wallet projector to create distributed encounters – whether that's watching movies, giving holiday photographs or a natural display," said Simon Stanford, Samsung's UK telecommunications primary.

Samsung has these days ran past southern challengers such as LG and HTC, and trumped the embattled Western gadgets massive Panasonic in the competition to control the cellular industry. This year, it overtook Htc and pipped Apple to offer more mobile mobile phones than any other organization.

The firm delivered a total of 95m last year, up 278% from 25m in 2010, and its adopting of the Os program for gadgets that range from the affordable to the most mechanically advanced has assisted Google become the popular mobile cellphone software manufacturer.

Delegates to MWC were also given what was for many their first taste of 4G fast cellular online, as Spanish telecommunications team Telefonica declared a cooperation with system equipment source Alcatel-Lucent to offer a indication in and around the event.

Larger base channels were formulated with smaller cells filled around the convention center, each able to support up to 30 individuals using the world wide web at the same time, at a speed of 30 megabits per second (Mbps) each. The normal set line home-broadband relationship in the UK is 7.6Mbps, according to telecommunications watch dog Ofcom, while present-day regular special high-speed online relationship is as low as 1.5Mbps.

Sony Mobile Devices, which renamed in Jan from Panasonic Ericsson after the Western team took full control of its loss-making cell cellphone venture by buying out Ericsson's discuss, made its first appearance in Spain's capital since the change.

Sony, with just 10% of the Os industry, concentrated on its ability to offer customers articles from Sony's movie and songs companies, and make it accessible to a family of displays, from pills and PCs to tvs and mobile phones.

Chief professional Bert Nordberg said "Now, as part of the Panasonic team, we are in an even more powerful position to carry connected amusement encounters to customers all over the globe, and to carry these encounters to promote even quicker."

Two Xperia NXT sequence mobile mobile phones were revealed on Saturday, ensuring displays shiny enough to view while on the beach or on the ski operates, and each with access to Panasonic Entertainment Network, which allows movie and songs articles to be distributed between gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT-B7510 review

The Galaxy Pro may be relatively inexpensive, but its inadequate display and less than amazing key pad indicates are real let downs and Operating system just does not seem to be all that suitable for gadgets with landscape designs displays.

Key Features

  2.8inch screen
  3.0 megapixel camera
  800Mhz processor
  512MB Ram

Design, key pad and screen

Samsung's Universe Pro requires the Operating system OS and shoehorns it into the texting system kind aspect. There are not many texting mobile phone devices around that run Operating system and we've never discovered the OS to be that excellent a fit for this form of kind aspect, so does the Universe Pro, which is available on Three for as little as £15 monthly on agreement, do anything to modify our minds?

Decked out in a greyish and dark-colored structure, the Pro at least life up to its name with regards to design, as it does come across as a very expert looking system. It's relatively large at 67mm, so it does not at first experience all that relaxed to carry up to your ear when you're using it to call people, but you soon get used to it. Like a lot of Samsung's mobile mobile phone devices it seems a little bit plastiky to the touching, but at least it's lighting at 106g and the uneven complete on the power supply protect indicates it will not quickly slide from your understand.

The mobile phone has the regular texting system structure, with the landscape designs display at the top and a QWERTY key pad located below. However, in between these New samsung has included four Operating system control buttons for list, house, back and search. But while the energy option is usually discovered at the top of most Operating system mobile phone devices, New samsung has shift it to the right side part on this system. There's no devoted camera option, which is a bit of a discomfort, but there is a amount musician shift on the eventually left part and a conventional 3.5mm earphone interface at the top. The top is also house to the microUSB interface that's invisible behind a moving flap. As you'd anticipate this is used for both getting the phone, as well as syncing it with a PC.
 Unfortunately, the screen is one of the toughest factors of the Universe Pro. While we take that displays are always relatively small on these types of gadgets, the truth that there's quite a wide side around the side of this model's 2.8inch screen makes us think that New samsung really could have provided to fit it with a a little bit bigger screen. But it's not just the dimension the screen that's a problem, it's also its low image of just 320x240 p. The result is that sites are very difficult to study even when you've zoomed in quite far on them and even regular textual content in the Googlemail customer or on symbols in the app cabinet look difficult and badly established. Watching perspectives are quite small too, especially on the directory axis and the screen has inadequate comparison so it has a dull and dismal look. And despite the truth that the screen uses capacitive touching technological innovation, the phone does not assistance multi-touch actions such as touch to zoom capability in the web visitor or picture art gallery applications - something that's very much conventional on most other mobile phones now.

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Samsung Electronics


New Samsung Gadgets was established in 1969 in Suwon, Southern region South korea as New samsung Electrical Sectors, initially developing digital equipment such as TVs, hand calculators, appliances, air conditioning and machines. By 1981, the organization had produced over 10 million non colored documents TVs. In 1988, it joined with New samsung Semiconductor & Marketing and sales communications.

It is popular that New samsung Gadgets is continuing to grow in a lot in a company infamous for cyclical variations. Founded in 1938 as a food handling and fabric purveyor, parents or guardian team joined the digital company as overdue as in 1969 when it created under its pizza an digital element additional. It was a decision created after considering the fast-growing home demand for digital products.

Just one season after its beginning, the New samsung Group established in 1970 another additional Samsung-NEC together with Japan’s NEC Corp. to produce power devices and audio-visual devices. In 1974, it extended into the semiconductor company by obtaining Southern region korea Semiconductor, one of the first chip-making features in the country at the time. It was soon followed by the 1980 getting Southern region korea Telephony, an digital transferring system creator.

In Feb 1983, Samsung’s creator Lee Byung-chull created an epoch-making statement, named the “Tokyo statement,” that his organization would get into the DRAM (dynamic unique access memory) company. And only one season after the statement did New samsung became the third organization in the world that developed the 64k DRAM after the United Declares and Western forerunners. The goal from then forward as the innovator in the storage chip-making industry has ongoing to this day for almost three years.

Although New samsung Gadgets was already one of the greatest organizations in Southern region korea as early as the Nineties, it now is by far the most important organization with unequalled effect on the economic climate through a large system of provider and associate organizations as well as through its own revenue-generating power. Since the start the 1997 Oriental economic turmoil, the organization has become more powerful: While most other high-tech organizations were hit by cash-flow problems after the turmoil, New samsung could avoid poverty by broad-based architectural changes.

Only ten years ago, Samsung’s only objective was to get up with Western challengers. But now it is outperforming major Western gadgets manufacturers in many categories: with regards to international company, New samsung is No. 1 in flat-panel TVs and storage chips; it is No. 2 in cellular handsets; it is one of the top providers in other devices.
In 2005, New samsung surpass Western competing Panasonic for the first time to become Last globe's biggest and most popular customer brand as assessed by Interbrand. In 2006, Business Weeks time ranked New samsung as Last on its list of international manufacturers, 2nd in the gadgets industry. Business Weeks time also ranked New samsung as Last in advancement. In 2007, New samsung Electronics' mobile phone category overtook United states competing Samsung, making it the second-largest smartphone manufacturer. Last year, New samsung overtook Siemens of Malaysia and Hewlett-Packard of the USA with a income of $117.4 million to take the No.1 spot as the biggest technology company

The semiconductor category of New samsung Gadgets is the biggest storage nick and second biggest semiconductor company globally. This has been the situation for DRAM and SRAM for over a several years.

To become the top organization in the gadgets company, New samsung has spent enormous sums on marketing and advertising. As aspect of enjoyable this technique, the organization created in 1996 a plan to attract major sports. It won in becoming an established attract for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic games. New samsung today is the name that almost always appears in many big games.[29]

Despite being a giant in the international technology company with numerous development, New samsung, along with its chairman Lee Kun-hee, is famous for worrying over its upcoming and coming downturn. Since coming from a mini retirement in Goal 2010, Kun-hee said, “Samsung Electronics’ upcoming is not assured because most of our leading items will be outdated in 10 decades from now.” [30]

Global consumers’ organization acknowledgement of New samsung Electronics has increased steadily: According to the top-100 organization record gathered by Millward Brown, the British organization consultant, New samsung, rated at 68th on its record, was one of the globe's most effective manufacturers whose development has been most evident during the 2009-2010 period. Its organization value, approximated at as much as US$1.1 million, grew by 80 %.

In the “World’s Most Reputable Organizations 2010” position published by the Reputation Institution of the United States, New samsung was placed at 22, a huge progression from the past season's 74th. This position, gathered by the U.S. visiting organization since 2006, shows study results gathered from consumers in 24 different nations around the world for international 600 huge organizations in terms of yearly income and its GDP reveal in specific nations around the world. The participants respond to concerns in seven groups including goods and services, inspiration, work conditions, corporate government, social responsibility, authority, and financial performance.

Samsung was also rated Eleventh in the “50 Most Modern Organizations 2010” record put out by Business Weeks time, a five-notch increase from the past season's Sixteenth. The position, collated together by the U.S. regular journal and Birkenstock boston Consulting Group since 2005, is based on solutions to innovation-related study concerns to professionals of international organizations. While study solutions take an 80-percent weight to the selection of the position, the remaining 20 % is included by yearly reveal gratitude (10%) and three-year regular revenue income and profit edge (5% each), respectively.

Samsung had outlined progression in its management technique since the early 2000s and it again outlined progression as aspect of core strategies when it declared the Vision 2020 in which the organization set an committed goal of reaching the $400-billion revenue income within 10 decades. In order to concrete its authority in the areas of memory nick and TV production, New samsung has spent strongly in research and development. The organization currently has 24 R&D centers around the world. In this decades Business Weeks time progression position, Apple and Google maintained the leading roles as in this year's record, followed by Microsoft, which obtained one level from 2009’s fourth position.

Meanwhile, New samsung took the 33rd position in the “World’s Most Useful Brands 2010” record revealed by the Forbes journal. Forbes said that Samsung’s organization value was as much as $12.8 million with a typical sale income rate of development of 17 % for the past three decades.

Thinner panels

Samsung Electronics’ TVs and screen products have gone through a competition toward ever-slimmer sections. Last year, the organization won in creating the super-slim section for 40-inch LED TVs, with the size of 3.9 mm (0.15 inch). Named the “Needle Sleek,” the section is as wide (or thin) as two silver coins put together. This is about a 12th of the traditional LCD section whose size is somewhere around 50 mm (1.97 inches).

While decreasing the size considerably, New samsung could sustain the efficiency as before, such as full HD quality, 120 Hz renew rate, and 5000:1 comparison rate.In August 2007, New samsung split the 10-millimeter buffer by presenting the 10-mm wide 40-inch LCD TV section, followed in August 2008 by the globe's first 7.9-mm section. New samsung is major the market by creating sections for 24-inch LCD screens (3.5 mm) and 12.1-inch netbooks (1.64 mm). According to New samsung authorities, the greatest factor in decreasing the section size was the LED backlight. They are positive that their organization could cut TV size by 40 percent within two years from now.

Samsung phones

Samsung Electronics marketed 235 thousand mobile mobile phones in the season 2009. At the end of Q3 2010 New samsung had surpass the 70 thousand unit mark in delivered mobile phones, giving it a global marketshare of 22% following Htc by 12%. Overall, New samsung marketed 280 thousand mobile cellphone devices truly, corresponding to a business of 20.2%.

Following the success of its “Anycall” brand mobile cellphone devices in South korea, the organization introduced numerous mobile mobile cellphone designs including premium mobile phones, full-touch display mobile phones, and green mobile phones. Samsung’s leading mobile mobile line is the Universe S II, which many consider a direct adversary of Apple's popular iPhone. It was initially launched in Singapore, Malaysia and South South korea in June 2010 followed by US versions called Vibrant and Consume in July and Impressive and Captivate in Aug and Sept. It marketed more than 1 thousand techniques within the first 45 days of in the US alone

Samsung’s I9000 Universe S and S8500 Trend mobile phones were the victors of this years European EISA Prizes in the mobile cellphone and public networking cellphone categories. The I9000 Universe S was recognized for its superior-quality display and excellent connection while the S8500 Trend for its Bada os with remarkable public networking and location-based services.

Samsung’s 2010 mobile cellphone shares globally are rising rapidly. The reveal in the United States has bending in the second one fourth of the season from the previous one fourth. In the second one fourth the organization delivered as many as 3 thousand mobile phones, a 173-percent increase from the same period last season.
While many other mobile cellphone manufacturers tend to focus on assisting one (or at most two) os, New samsung has kept assisting a variety of techniques available that you can buy. Although the Universe S switches into Google Android as the primary os, it also supports other competing techniques such as Symbian, Microsoft Windows Phone, Linux-based LiMo, and Samsung’s exclusive Bada.

The organization set the revenue goal of this years yearend at 20 thousand techniques.

Samsung encounters problems in the cellphone industry. An partnership of Chinese low wage and Taiwanese technology is catching up closely. Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple company, RIM, and HTC are busy coming up with new designs, and New samsung is working to maintain its top position.

Partially as a result of strong revenue of Samsung's Universe variety of mobile phones, New samsung overtook Apple company in globally mobile cellphone revenue during Q3 2011, with a total business of 23.8%, compared to Apple's 14.6%

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Attack of the super phones

From Cellular World The legislature, harm of the extremely phones

Quicker than a desktop pc computer! Nimbler than an iPad! It's not a cellphone, it's not a product. It's extremely phone!

Rather than getting lesser, mobile phones are getting larger -- and more highly effective. At the Cellular Community The legislature in Spain's investment this weeks time, the yearly arriving out celebration for new mobile mobile phones, the pattern is obvious -- but are individuals prepared for these brawny, Brobdingnagian beasts?

The first extremely cellphone to make a significant introduction in the U.S. is Samsung's Universe Observe, and it's a possibility taker. Presented recently on AT&T, the cellphone orders a top quality price -- $299.99 with a two-year agreement -- but it features a large 5.3-inch display (diagonal). Evaluate that to an iPhone's now small looking 3.5-inch display.

Super mobile phones are partially an recognition of how individuals are using mobile mobile phones these days. They're creating less speech phone calls and creating more Myspace content and texts. Most individuals use applications for discovering a eating place, posting images or verifying in to a cafe rather than getting in touch with home.

Phones are now camcorders, movie photographers, and mobile TVs. But is a larger display -- and consequently bigger 6.5-ounce mobile phone -- the best way to focus on these uses?

After more than per weeks time visiting with the New samsung Universe Observe, I discovered my preliminary doubt converted to gratitude.

The cell phone's dual-core brand is zippy, and it uses AT&T's faster 4G LTE system, which is now available in nearly 30 U.S. marketplaces. I got a 4G relationship in some unexpected locations, such as the ex-urbs around our country's investment.

The Universe Observe also has 16 GB of safe-keeping, which is extended using a microSD card to 32 GB. And there's a rear-facing 8-megapixel camera that can photograph high-definition movie, and a front-facing 2-megapixel camera for movie phone calls.

The main fascination, however, is the display. It's a high-definition Extremely Amoled display that is not only big but also sharp and noticeable in natural light (its specialized image is 1,280 by 800 pixels). The display also doesn't put an time-consuming problem on the power supply. I was able to spend an whole day enjoying vacationer, getting guidelines, looking at The search engines Scope results for popular points of interest, verifying e-mail, idling away clear moments browsing the Web, and, yes, creating phone calls without having to search for a getting store.

In toto, the experience was definitely ideal. The bigger touchscreen technology is a great for checking Web sites: You don't have to regularly touch and develop websites to see them clearly. It's also excellent for looking at Blockbuster online video clips when you have to treat a harm of sleeplessness. And it's a better size for examining e-books in The search engines Guides while going.

An writer sent me a PDF computer file to check, I was able to see it without regularly moving the page from part to part. Moreover, middle-aged cellular phone customers will also discover it easier to get around and play video games on the Universe Observe without squinting.

The disadvantages of the bigger cellphone were few. When creating a trip, the Universe Observe can experience like Broker 86, positioning his shoes cellphone up to his ear. Simple, it ain't. But most people use their cellular phones for everything but creating a trip, and many also use wifi Wireless bluetooth earpieces, obviating the need to hold it to your ear.

Some customers I canvased, mostly women, reported that they couldn't tap in requirements and statistics with just one hand. I didn't have the same problem, but I did discover that the bigger cellphone required a wallet, rather than suitable into a bank account.

New samsung is also trying an old technique on the new phone: It has a stylus pen, that tucks nicely into the end of it. As opposed to the Hand Head pencils of the last, however, Samsung's edition uses more innovative technological innovation from Wacom, which creates it demand delicate. It also has a unique operate option on the part that can be used for invoking a observe pad app for saving doodles or pointers (no more newspaper napkins). While the S pen, as New samsung phone calls it, reveals up some exciting upcoming opportunities, I discovered I mostly ignored it and just used it like a regular touchscreen technological innovation cellphone.

Enlarged mobile phones have been tried before. Dell's ill-fated Ability 5 converted out to have no apparel, at least as far as most clients were worried. But that system was fat. The New samsung Universe Note is sleek and attractive.

In the arriving several weeks, there will be a new pattern of extremely cellular phones. HTC is presenting the One X, with a 4.7-inch display and a quicker and crisper 8-megapixel camera that will be available on T-Mobile. And Htc has proven what it phone calls a 41-megapixel camera cellphone in Spain's capital (think of the information charges!).

Meanwhile, LG is forcing quicker snacks, stating a quad-core brand cellphone, the Optimus 4X HD. It all carries on a pattern of cellular phone devices that put the strength of a pc in your wallet.

Certainly there are some individuals who will welcome a extremely cellphone like the New samsung Universe Note and consider it to be a Goldilocks device: Big enough to successfully search the Web and study on, but little enough to fit in a wallet or wallet. The concern is, will there be enough of those clients willing to pay $300?

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Samsung Dual Sim

Samsung Dual Sim

Offering You A Wide Range Of Cell Phones To Choose From. Hurry Up!

Samsung has announced the GALAXY Y DUOS and GALAXY Y Pro DUOS. These are the Dual SIM versions of the GALAXY Y and the  GALAXY Y Pro Android phones that was launched recently and are the are aimed at Younger generation. The Samsung GALAXY Y DUOS 3.14-inch touch screen display and has polished metallic casing. It is 11.98mm thin and weighs 109 g. The GALAXY Y Pro DUOS features a 2.6-inch touch screen display and a full QWERTY keyboard, 3MP camera and secondary VGA camera that was missing in GALAXY Y Pro. Both these phones run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Specifications of Samsung GALAXY Y DUOS

    3.14-inch QVGA(240×320) TFT LCD display
    Android 2.3(Gingerbread)
    832MHz processor
    Dual SIM
    3MP fixed focus camera
    Music Player with SoundAlive, 3.5mm Ear Jack, Stereo FM Radio with RDS
    Samsung TouchWiz UI
    384MB RAM, 512MB ROM and a expandable memory up to 32GB with MicroSD
    3G (HSDPA  7.2Mbps) , Bluetooth v 3.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, aGPS
    1,300 mAh battery

Specifications of Samsung GALAXY Y Pro DUOS

    2.6-inch LQVGA TFT LCD display
    Full QWERTY Keyboard with Optical trackpad
    Android 2.3(Gingerbread)
    Dual SIM
    3MP fixed focus camera, front VGA camera
    Music Player with SoundAlive, 3.5mm Ear Jack, Stereo FM Radio with RDS
    Samsung TouchWiz UI
    384MB RAM, 512MB ROM and a expandable memory up to 32GB with MicroSD
    3G (HSDPA  7.2Mbps), Bluetooth v 3.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, aGPS
    1,350 mAh battery

The GALAXY Y Pro Duos comes with Enterprise Solutions enterprise apps such as VPN, EAS, Afaria, CCX, Storage Encryption. The GALAXY Y DUOS would be available in Russia starting January 2012 and later rolled out to Europe, CIS, Latin America, Southwest Asia, Middle East and Africa. The GALAXY Y Pro DUOS would be available in Russia starting January 2012  and later gradually rolled out to Europe, CIS, Latin America, Southeast and Southwest Asia, Middle East, Africa and China. The price of these phones have not been announced yet.

Monday, 20 February 2012

News for samsung galaxy s2

The future of Samsung’s Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been complimented for being one of the smartphones in the world that is more powerful than home PC. As a matter of fact, most consumers had to double check the phone’s specification given that it was next to impossible for a phone to have such kinds of specs. Whereas the iPhone dominated the smartphone market in the year 2011, the stage is set to change in the year 2012 with experts predicting that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will give the iPhone a good run for its money.

According to statistics, a PC power’s doubles once in every 18 months. As such, judging by this smartphone, once can comfortably say that the processing power of a mobile phone is increasing once in every one year.

No one expected the Samsung Galaxy S2 to do so well upon its launch given that the iPhone was already dominating the smartphone market. However, by the end of 2011, it was one of the bestselling smartphones. The year 2012 is expected to be the year when Samsung Galaxy phones finally take their rightful place in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Dual SIM Card

Just before the market could come to terms with this amazing smartphone, the company revealed a new edition of Samsung Galaxy S2 – The Samsung Galaxy S2 Duos 1929. This edition of Samsung Galaxy S2 allows you to utilize 2 SIM cards on the same phone (i.e. CDMA and GSM SIM cards). However, this edition is only limited to China. There wasn’t much pomp and glamor on its launch in the Chinese market given the censorship problems in the country. In comparison to the original Samsung Galaxy S2, there aren’t major changes in its specifications. Nonetheless the Samsung Galaxy S2 Duos runs on an altered microprocessor chip. Features such as 1.2 GHz processor and 1 megapixel camera are still available on the phone. In addition, you can upgrade the Samsung S2 Duos to Ice Cream Sandwich later in the year.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S2 Duos work outside China?

There is still official word as to whether the Samsung S2 Duos will be able to operate in other countries other than China. But, there is an increasing demand that the manufacturer incorporates the dual SIM card feature in the current Samsung Galaxy S2 without altering any feature.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S21 weather the storm in 2012?

After having been mentioned as the bestseller in 2011, it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will continue doing well in the year 2012 as the company continues to launch in other markets.